Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2011 Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages: 1105-1111
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Yield of cheese and sheep milk composition from synthetic population of Bulgarian dairy and East-Friesian breed

Ivanova T., Raicheva E., Pacinovski N.

Comparison between Synthetic population Bulgarian milk (SPBM) and East-Friesian (EF) sheep was done for laboratory yield of cheese and milk composition. The comparison of the means for the individual laboratory yield of cheese showed significantly higher values in the ewes of SPBM on first lactation (2,4735 g) compared to the EF breed (1,7608 g), (P<0,001). The higher amount of cheese probably was connected with the tendency for higher content of the fat, protein and dry matter. However on the second lactation the two breeds showed the same values: SPBM 1,9370 g and EF breed 1,9282 g. No significant differences in the quantity of milk and its composition between the sheep on first and second lactation were observed for both breeds.

Keywords: milk composition, laboratory yield of cheese, Synthetic population Bulgarian milk, East-Friesian sheep

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