Veterinarski glasnik 2006 Volume 60, Issue 3-4, Pages: 163-173
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Evaluation of genotoxic potential of amitraz by cytogenetic test in vivo

Pejin Ivana I., Stanimirović Zoran, Stevanović Jevrosima B., Kulišić Zoran

The genotoxic effect of amitraz (3.6 mg/kg b.m, 1.8 mg/kg b.m, 0.9 mg/kg b.m) on bone marrow cells of HAN strain mice was examined in vivo by following the frequency of numeric and structural chromosomal aberrations, while the cytostatic effect of the same preparation was followed through the mitotic index. The first experimental dose (3.6 mg/kg b.m) caused a statistically significant (p<0.01) increase in the mitotic index, while the second (1.8 mg/kg b.m) and the third (0.9 mg/kg b.m.) experimental dose statistically significantly (p<0.01) decreased the value of the mitotic index in animals of both sexes. All the applied doses exhibited an ability to induce numeric (aneuploidy and polyploidy) and structural (Robertsonian translocation) chromosomal aberrations. It can be concluded on the basis of the obtained results that the examined substance exhibits a genotoxic dose-dependant effect. .

Keywords: amitraz, genotoxicity, cytostatic effect, mitotic index, structural aberrations, numeric aberrations

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