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Title:Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva
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First published:1912
Alternative title:Bulletin de la Societe serbe de geographie
Description:For the second year of existence of the Company (1912.) Published the first volume Messengers. Since the first issue to date has published 84 volumes of the Gazette, where a large number of published double issue, with nearly 700 papers mainly in geography and in related sciences. It is certainly important to note that until after the Second World War Journal was the only permanent scientific and geographical publications in Serbia, and that his contributions are invaluable for the development of geography in Serbia.
Publisher:Serbian Geographical society
Publisher address:Studentski trg 3/3, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Editor in chief:Nenad Živković, Serbian Geographical Society, Belgrade, Serbia
Editorial board:Mirko Grčić, Belgrade, Serbia
Jelena Ćalić, Belgrade, Serbia
Sanja Mustafić, Belgrade, Serbia
Ivica Šantić, Belgrade, Serbia
Desmond Wolling, Great Britain
Valentin Golosov, Russia
Alfred Stah, Poland
Nina Nikolova, Bulgaria
Rajko Gnjato, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Republic of Srpska

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