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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2004 Volume 69, Issue 11, Pages: 923-940
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Preserved precursors in Pumpherston shale ketogen revealed by oxidative degradation

Bajc Snežana, Amblès A., Vitorović Dragomir K.

An optimised stepwise alkaline permanganate degradation was shown to have potentials in elucidating the genesis pathway and the origin of kerogens and, more specifically, to reveal preserved precursors in a kerogen matrix. Thus, Pumpherston shale kerogen, used as the substrate in this study, was found to be of mixed origin, i.e., to contain both inherited resistant algal structures (B. braunii Aand B algaenans), as well as resistant biomacromolecular components of continental flora (cutans). It is suggested that this kerogen or parts of it were formed by the selective preservation pathway.

Keywords: kerogen, Pumpherston shale, oxidative degradation, preserved precursors