Thermal Science 2011 Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages: 467-475
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Experimental study of centrifugal humidifier fitted in an industrial shed located in tropical climates

Senthilkumar K., Srinivasan P.S.S.

An evaporative cooling system based on centrifugal humidification technique is proposed for large industrial spaces. In this system, the evaporation rate is improved by splitting the water into fine micronisers by impinging it onto the stationery strips. The various parameters influencing the rate of evaporation are identified. The effect of mass flow rate of water, disc speed and mass flow rate of air on space cooling and humidifier efficiency is studied experimentally and plotted with respect to time. The studies indicate that medium mass flow rate of water, higher disc speed and medium mass flow rate of air are preferable in reducing the dry bulb temperature of room and for increasing humidifier efficiency.

Keywords: centrifugal humidifier, rectangular pin, evaporative cooler, humidification

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