Family violence offence in a social context and legal system of Serbia and Montenegro
Nikolić-Ristanović Vesna Ž.
Temida, 2003 6(2):5-10
Details  Full text ( 61 KB)  DOI:10.2298/TEM0302005N
The need for changes in administrative law from the aspect of prevention of domestic violence
Mrvić-Petrović Nataša
Temida, 2003 6(2):11-15
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Domestic violence in countries of the former Yugoslavia: Review of the most important results of the surveys
Ćopić Sanja M.
Temida, 2003 6(2):17-25
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Criminal offence domestic violence: Legal practice in Niš area
Vilić-Konstantinović Slobodanka, Petrušić Nevena
Temida, 2003 6(2):27-36
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Domestic violence
Kiurski Jasmina
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Practice of the city magistrates in Belgrade regarding domestic violence
Anđelković Marija
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Domestic violence is a crime
Simić Ljiljana J.
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Implementation of the Domestic Violence Law in the Republika Srpska
Marković Ivanka
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Legal regulation of domestic violence in Croatia
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Helpful tools for criminal prosecution in domestic violence cases: Some ideas from the United States of America
Zoglin Katie
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The response of the modern legal systems to domestic violence: Comparative analysis of some of the European countries and New York State, USA
Milivojević Sanja K.
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