Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2005 Volume 70, Issue 2, Pages: 171-175
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On the occurrence of sonchuside A in Cicerbita alpina and its chemosystematic significance

Zidorn Christian, Schwaha Ritae, Ellmerer Ernst P., Stuppner Hermann

The subaerial parts of Cicerbita alpina yielded the guaianolide 8-acetyl- 15β-D-glucopyranosyllactucin (1) and the germacranolide Sonchuside A (2). The sonchuside A is reported for the first time from the genus Cicerbita. 1H-NMR and 13C NMR data of compounds 1 and 2 measured in deuterodimethyl sulfoxide and deuteromethanol, respectively, are given and the chemosystematic implications of the occurrence of sonchuside A in C. alpina are discussed briefly.

Keywords: Cicerbita alpina (L.) Wallr., Lactuceae, Asteraceae, sonchuside A, sesquiterpene lactones, chemosystematics

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