Medicinski pregled 2007 Volume 60, Issue 7-8, Pages: 365-371
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Level of neurotic disorders among drivers causing traffic accidents

Đurić Predrag, Filipović Danka

Different aspects of driver personality may affect traffic safety. Extended driver reaction time causes deceleration of the reflexes, which is a major cause of traffic accidents. Cornell index was used in 30 drivers responsible for traffic accidents, with the aim to measure their level of neurotic disorder and compare them with results of controls (drivers not responsible for traffic accidents). Reaction time was measured and compared among subjects with normal results of Cornell test and those with pathological findings. Drivers causing traffic accidents showed significantly higher Cornell index scores than drivers not responsible for traffic accidents. Drivers with pathological results of Cornell index showed a significantly longer reaction time.

Keywords: neurotic disorders, reaction time, psychophysiology, accidents, traffic, automobile driving

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