Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2005 Volume , Issue 92, Pages: 15-29
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Parameters of the occurrence of internal erosion processes in salty-sandy soils

Gajić Grozdana

The study was aimed at defining the conditions of the occurrence of internal erosion in silty-sandy soils. The susceptibility of this soil to internal erosion depends on the porosity, particle-size composition and hydro-geo-mechanical parameters. Internal erosion stability was analyzed by the introduction of the coefficient of particle composition as the critical particle-size condition, which is in fact the coefficient of internal erosion (Kue). Based on the study results, mathematical models and the functional correlation between water regime and resistant characteristics of silty-sandy soils, we defined the parameters of the occurrence of initial internal erosion and analyzed the effects of the practical application of the study results.

Keywords: silty sands, soil physics, hydro-geo-mechanical parameters, mathematical modeling, geostatistics, parameters of internal erosion process

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