TY - JOUR TI - Neoliberalism: Destiny or a choice of way of living in transition (also)? AU - Josifidis Kosta L. JN - Privredna izgradnja PY - 2004 VL - 47 IS - 1-2 SP - 5 EP - 16 PT- Article AB- Neoliberal concept of way of life is almost a quarter of decade dominant in one part of developed world where is in practice Anglo-Saxonian type of capitalism, well-known as a market-oriented capitalism. Aggressiveness of globalization i.e. market fundamentalism jeopardize European continental capitalism, and force it to adjust to laissez-faire global economy, by denying traditional values of welfare stale. In this paper we will discuss whether there are possibilities of transitional countries to make a choice of its own way to market economy, or Washington Consensus is sealed up their destiny. Moreover, maybe we will be faced to a some kind of historical paradox (not in near future): on the one hand, people are exhausted in developed countries of market rules, and ask for much more social justice (redistribution) and protection, or, on the other hand, we will be faced with further promotion of neoliberalism in transitional economies, because it is convenient to capital elites and future upper middle class. Hence dilemma is: if people in some area are preferring trade (Smith, as a founder of free market), or consumption, since redistribution is more important to them (welfare state of Keynes).