Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2002 Volume , Issue 85, Pages: 79-89
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The possibilities of using group regression in the analysis of the diameter structure development in selection forests of Tara

Mitrović Slobodanka S., Banković Staniša

Based on the presented study results, it can be concluded that the distribution of tree numbers per diameter degrees (diameter structure) in the four measurements of the compartments 51 and 75, did not change. It was also concluded that one functional dependence could be applied for both compartments N=e5,9·e–0,39*d The result of the above is that also in the following measurements, the diameter structure will remain unchanged, in cases of the same or similar selection cuttings both by the scope and by the distribution of felled trees per diameter classes The primary objective of this type of study is to predict, based on a mathematical model of diameter structure development, effect of the scope of selection cuttings and the number of recruitments on the diameter structure, and the simulation of growth, the distribution of trees per diameter classes in the following measurement or measurements, i.e. to foresee the future development of selection stands.

Keywords: selection forest, diameter structure, group regression, Tara

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