Medjunarodni problemi 2009 Volume 61, Issue 1-2, Pages: 163-186
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Possibilities for settlement of internal conflicts

Milašinović Srđan, Kešetović Želimir

Conflicts have been a constant phenomenon in history both between groups in the archaic communities as well as between global societies and in the international community in general. Although due to the escalation of regional and internal conflicts in the 1990s the prevention and settlement of social conflicts has become a significant topic for the political and theoretical discussions in most cases the applied modalities and the conflict settlement strategies have proved to be inefficient, while the national and super-national arrangements have been helpless. The authors point to the latest strategic options in the conflict prevention. They analyse the issues related to the civilising and institutionalisation of conflicts as well as the effects of the international mediation and the use of force in their termination.

Keywords: social conflicts, prevention, negotiation, co-operative strategy, international mediation, civilising of conflicts, institutionalisation of conflicts, Harvard model, Western Balkans

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