Logical and historical determination of the Arrow and Sen impossibility theorems
Boričić Branislav
Economic Annals, 2007 52(172):7-20
Details  Cross Ref cited by(1)  Full text ( 196 KB)  DOI:10.2298/EKA0772007B
The use of propensity score-matching methods in evaluation of active labour market programs in Serbia
Ognjenović Kosovka
Economic Annals, 2007 52(172):21-53
Details  Full text ( 405 KB)  DOI:10.2298/EKA0772021O
Qualitative response models: A survey of methodology and illustrative applications
Nojković Aleksandra
Economic Annals, 2007 52(172):55-92
Details  Full text ( 594 KB)  DOI:10.2298/EKA0772055N
Doha round of WTO negotiations and the domestic support for agriculture in Serbia
Popović Vesna, Katić Branko
Economic Annals, 2007 52(172):93-113
Details  Cross Ref cited by(1)  Full text ( 177 KB)  DOI:10.2298/EKA0772093P