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Thermal Science 2011 Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages: 409-422
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Buoyancy heat transfer in staggered dividing square enclosure

Terekhov Viktor I., Chichindaev Alexander V., Ekaid Ali L.

This study represents the results of numerical simulation of fluid motion and free-convective heat transfer in a square cavity with partitions mounted on the lower (heated) and upper (cooled) walls. The height of partitions and their heat conductivity were varied Kr = 2 ÷ 8000 together with Rayleigh number Ra = 103 ÷ 106, which corresponded to the laminar flow. It is assumed that vertical walls of the cavity are adiabatic, and its horizontal walls are kept at constant, but different temperatures. The numerical solution based on transformation of determining equations by the method of finite differences was achieved. The obtained results show that the surface-average heat transfer coefficient decreases with a rise of partition height due to the suppression of convection. Also the results show that with an increase in heat conductivity coefficient of partitions, the Nusselt number increases significantly. In addition, it was found that when the value of relative heat conductivity coefficient changes by four orders, Nu number for the highest partitions changes by the factor of 1.5 - 2 only and integral heat transfer through the whole interlayer increases with development of the heat exchanging area.

Keywords: buoyancy heat transfer, staggered partitions, square enclosure