Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics 2010 Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages: 219-240
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Even-hole-free graphs: A survey

Vušković Kristina

The class of even-hole-free graphs is structurally quite similar to the class of perfect graphs, which was the key initial motivation for their study. The techniques developed in the study of even-hole-free graphs were generalized to other complex hereditary graph classes, and in the case of perfect graphs led to the famous resolution of the Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture and their polynomial time recognition. The class of even-holefree graphs is also of independent interest due to its relationship to β-perfect graphs. In this survey we describe all the different structural characterizations of even-hole-free graphs, focusing on their algorithmic consequences.

Keywords: Even-hole-free graphs, star cutsets, 2-joins, recognition algorithm, decomposition

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