Zbornik Matice srpske za drustvene nauke 2004 Volume , Issue 116-117, Pages: 77-101
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Jihad in the world and domestic public

Jevtić Miroljub

Jihad – a system of all activities and procedures implemented by the Moslems to achieve the triumph of their faith – became specially interesting because of its belligerent variant. In the European visualization, it acquires the characteristics of the holy war. Under the influence of the ideas about globalization, the Moslems should also be included into that project, so the idea of jihad became an obstacle. Therefore the Euro-American practice in the media tried to disregard and neglect this idea, with the wrong belief that the problem itself would disappear within this negligence. In Yugoslavia the situation was similar. The Moslem media concealed that idea, and the greatest part of the non-Moslems discussed that problem in such a way that the phenomenon remained completely uninvestigated or wrongly presented, which in the end gave a bad result for the globalization itself.

Keywords: džihad, islam, terorizam, globalizacija

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