Privredna izgradnja 2005 Volume 48, Issue 3-4, Pages: 115-133
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Market that hits the sky: Critical review of economic aspects of "atmosphere" regulation II

Lošonc Alpar N.

The author treats the ethical questions related to the market of the elements of the atmosphere. I agree with the statement that the issue of climate change is ultimately an ethical issue. In accordance, the author especially emphasizes the problem of the global governance and the ethics. The greening of the market is to be promoted, and market mechanisms can play certain role in international environmental measures. But they can only have a limited role. The market in itself can not secure the ecological needs of and protect the global commons. The opportunity of privatizing the dimensions of the atmosphere is limited by both ethical and ecological considerations. The privatizing of the nature pretends to provide incentives for protecting the commons but just the opposite happens. The needs concerted actions of the nations and the construction of a complex institutional setting, instead of relying exclusively on individual players and market forces. In such a design new forms of ecological authorities should be set up, and the coordination by norms should be reinvented.

Keywords: ekonomsko tretiranje zagađenja, tržište zagađenja, ekološko-politička regulacija, normativni angažman države

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