Acta chirurgica Iugoslavica 2006 Volume 53, Issue 3, Pages: 87-90
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Rizični faktori i hronični ishemijski pankolitis

Golubović G., Tomašević R., Knežević P., Obradović M., Radić O., Pavlović A.

Ischaemia of the colon wall leads to lesions that are gathered under entity of ischaemic colitis. Acute or chronic tissue hypoxia is caused by various vascular disorders which could be divided into two large groups: occlusive or non-occlusive. Chronic ischaemic colitis is manifested with necrosis of colon wall, with consequent stenosis of the affected area. Clinically, it is manifested with increased number of bloody stools and abdominal pain. Treatment of choice is surgery, and resection of the affected segment is often life saving. We present a case of a patient with chronic ischaemic pancolitis, due to atheromathosis of upper and lower mesenterial artery branches, correlated with age, cardiovascular diseases, chronic opstipation and drug-intake. .

Keywords: ischaemia, colitis, atheromathosis

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