Filozofija i drustvo 2007 Volume 18, Issue 3, Pages: 31-39
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Why still philosophy?: Once again

Krstić Predrag

The intention of this paper is to revisit, once again the question asked by Adorno and Habermas and other contemporary thinkers under different headings few decades ago. The author is suggesting that nowadays philosophy requires a final departure from the idea of having single and perennial face, and that this would not only allow, but also enable philosophy to test its various faces freely, that is, without norm or limit set in advance. At the same time, by creating such ′liberal′ climate philosophy would no longer be frightened by the possible answer, and hence would no longer dramatize the very question of ′why still?′. Even if philosophy turns out to be far less than the mission it once bestowed upon itself.

Keywords: philosophy, critique, enlightenment, education, consumerist society, cultural industry, school, teaching

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