Archives of Biological Sciences 2010 Volume 62, Issue 3, Pages: 841-850
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Middle phalangeal hair distribution in Serbian high school students

Nešić Milkica, Čičević Svetlana, Ćirić Milan, Nešić Vladimir

The aim of this paper was to explore hairiness of the middle phalanges on both hands of Serbian high school students. The total sample comprised 425 pupils in the town of Niš of Serbian nationality, aged 15-19 years. Hairiness on the middle phalanges of second, third, fourth and fifth fingers was detected by inspection with a magnifying glass. The results showed that hairiness was more frequent on the fifth finger of boys. The investigation of the hairiness on the middle phalanges of both hands in the region of Niš may be, in comparison with anthropological investigations of other regions, important in the investigation of the genetic cause of the hairiness on the middle phalanges. .

Keywords: mid-digital hair, hands, gender

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