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Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo 2004 Volume 132, Issue 9-10, Pages: 334-339
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Mechanisms of protective effects of moderate alcohol consumption on the cardiovascular system

Jakovljević Branko, Paunović Katarina, Belojević Goran, Stojanov Vesna J.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages has been known in many cultures since the ancient civilizations, so harmful consequences of excessive alcohol intake have been well explained. Many epidemiological studies confirmed lower morbidity and mortality rates of cardiovascular diseases in persons who drink alcohol "moderately" (1-2 drinks a day), independently of the kind of alcoholic beverage. This paper presents the review of molecular mechanisms that are believed to explain cardioprotective effect of moderate drinking-alcohol effects on lipoproteins, endothelial cells, blood clot formation and dissolution, as well as genetic and gender variances modifying the relation. A simple recommendation regarding the increase of alcohol consumption cannot be made on population level. The professionals must therefore concentrate on other preventive methods in order to reduce other significant risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Keywords: alcohol, moderate drinking, molecular mechanisms

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