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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2006 Volume 71, Issue 11, Pages: 1147-1151
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Stability of the barium-benzo-15-crown-5 complex in nitrobenzene saturated with water

Makrlík E., Vaňura P.

From extraction experiments and γ-activity measurements, the exchange extraction constant corresponding to the equilibrium Ba2+(aq) + SrL2 2+(nb) _ BaL 2 2+(nb) + Sr2+(aq) occurring in the two-phase water-nitrobenzene system (L = benzo-15-crown-5; aq = aqueous phase, nb = nitrobenzene phase) was evaluated as log K ex (Ba2+, SrL22+) = 0.3 ± 0.1. Furthermore, the stability constant of the benzo-15-crown-5-barium complex in nitrobenzene saturated with water was calculated for the temperature of 25 °C: log βnb (BaL2 2+) = 13.3±0.1.

Keywords: barium, benzo-15-crown-5, stability constant, nitrobenzene