Zbornik Matice srpske za drustvene nauke 2003 Volume , Issue 114-115, Pages: 255-266
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"Teodorica" and women ball in Novi Sad

Ivić Danka

"Teodorica" and women ball are social customs (with preserved old ritual elements) od Serbian rural women in Novi Sad. They have both entertaining and magic character, where the latter seems slightly more expressed. As single pre-Christian customs (as the author suspects), they have undergone various changes, some of which are noted in this study. Both "Teodorica" and women ball had survived in Novi Sad until the Sixties, when they were replaced by a "new female holiday - the 8th of March. The saying that "Teodorica is particularly merry when it falls on the 8th of March" belongs to the times when the memories of "Teodorica" were still fresh. However they no longer are.

Keywords: mrtvi - živi, zima, leto, glad, obilje, zle sile, Sv. Teodor

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