Medicinski pregled 2009 Volume 62, Issue 9-10, Pages: 427-433
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Immunopathogenesis of recurrent genital candidosis in women

Tasić Suzana, Miladinović-Tasić Nataša

Introduction. There are more and more women that suffer from chronic recurrent genital candidiasis. At the beginning of the research in this field the researchers usually studied the properties of the microorganism then nonspecific resistance of the vaginal mucosa, possibility of endogenous and exogenous reinfection, hormonal status of women in order to determine the cause of the recurrent genitall candidosis. After numerous studies, only the risk factors were determined, but not the very cause of the recurrence of this fungal infection. The following investigation encompassed examination of the immunity of the vaginal mucosa, as welll as the influence of the system cellular immunity to the course of the vaginal fungal infection. Results of those studies show that neither hyporeactivity, nor the disregulation of the system cellular immunity has influence to the course of the recurrent genital candidosis. Conclusion. Based on the existence of the antigen presenting cells and phenotypically different T- lymphocytes in the vaginal mucosa, it was determined that this mucous membrane represents immunocompetent tissue, and accordingly, one may assume that the cause of the recurrent genital candidosis may lie in disregulation of the local immune response to the Candida sp. antigens.

Keywords: Candidiasis, Vulvovaginal + physiopathology + immunology, Recurrence, Immunity, Cellular, Mucous Membrane + immunology + microbiology

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