TY - JOUR TI - Reduction of operational amplifiers finite gain effects in switched-capacitor biquads AU - Radev Nikolay AU - Ivanov Kantcho JN - Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering PY - 2005 VL - 2 IS - 1 SP - 29 EP - 41 PT- Article AB- A combined approach for reducing the errors in the pole frequency f p, the pole Q - factor Qp and the magnitude at the pole frequency Hp, of switched capacitor biquads is presented. First, the conventional integrators in the biquads are replaced with gain-and offset-compensated integrators. Next, the errors Δ ƒp / ƒp, Δ Qp / Qp and Δ Hp / Hp are minimized by modifying three capacitances: two feedback capacitances and feed forward capacitance. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by designing a band pass biquad.