TY - JOUR TI - Treatment of sugar beet thick juice spent wash by chemical and natural coagulants AU - Šćiban Marina B. AU - Klašnja Mile T. AU - Antov Mirjana G. JN - Acta periodica technologica PY - 2009 IS - 40 SP - 177 EP - 182 PT- Article AB- The possibility of treatment of wastewater from bioethanol production by aluminium sulfate and natural coagulant extracted from common bean seed was studied. The highest coagulation activity at pH 6.5 is reached with analum dose of 1 g/l, but only a little lower coagulation activities were obtained by the dose of 0.05 and 0.10 g/l, which is more favorable for economic and environmental reasons. When natural coagulant from common bean was applied the highest coagulation activity, 14.3%, at pH 6.5 is reached with a dose of 0.5 ml/l. However, when common bean natural coagulant was used simultaneously with alum, the highest turbidity removal resulting in 24% coagulation activity was achieved and this was more efficient than when alum or natural coagulant were used.