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Hemijska industrija 2009 Volume 63, Issue 4, Pages: 289-292
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Electrochemical characterization of the Au-In-Sb system

Gomidželović Lidija D., Stanković Zvonimir D., Stević Zoran M., Živković Dragana T.

The Au-In-Sb system belongs to the group of potential candidates for new lead-free solder materials. Therefore, a lot of investigations concerning its phase diagram and thermodynamic, mechanical, physical characteristics are going on at the moment. Having in mind the significance of such materials application in electronics, it is also very important to study their electrochemical characteristics. In order to give such a characterization, the results of cyclic voltammetry measurements for some alloys in the Au-In-Sb system are presented in this paper.

Keywords: lead-free solders, Au-In-Sb system, cyclic voltammetry

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