Acta veterinaria 2005 Volume 55, Issue 5-6, Pages: 461-470
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Histological evaluation of bone response to bioactive ceramics as graft material in rats

Kršljak Elena, Danilović Vesna, Teodorović Nevenka

This experimental study was carried out on 35 Albino Wister rats Artificially created bone defects were grafted with bioactive ceramic materials or control material. Histological analysis was preformed 8 weeks and 6 months after the implantation. The results revealed that bone regeneration occurred in defects treated with bioactive ceramic materials while in the defects treated with the control material signs of tissue rejection were present. As stated before, it could be concluded that bioactive ceramics can be recommended as bone substitutes in orthopedic surgery and dentistry.

Keywords: hydroxylapatite (Hap), Hap-M type 2, bone regeneration, histology

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