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Vojnosanitetski pregled 2010 Volume 67, Issue 6, Pages: 459-462
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Expression of CD34 in cirrhotic liver: Reliance to dedifferentiation

Gligorijević Jasmina, Đorđević Biljana, Petrović Aleksandar, Radičević Aleksandra, Stojanović Simonida

Background/Aim. The vascular supply of dysplastic nodules (DN) is altered compared with surrounding cirrhotic nodules. Dysplastic nodules contain unpaired arteries which are isolated arteries unaccompained by bille ducts. In adition, capillarization or neovascularization is evident on CD34 and CD31 staining. The investigation of angiogenic profile of regenerative, dysplastic and nodules of hepatocellular carcinoma aimed at assessing whether vascular profile is in reliance to the process of dedifferentiation of hepatocytes during the course of cirrhosis. Methods. Thirty four liver nodules from surgical biopsies of 12 patients previously undiagnosed to have cirrhosis, were classified as regenerative, dysplastic and small hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC). The investigation included 8 large regenerative nodules (LRN), 11 low grade dysplastic nodules (LGDN), 12 high grade dysplastic nodules (HGDN) and 3 early HCC. Serial sections of the nodules and surrounding cirrhotic liver tissue were immunostained against CD34. The vascular counting method was performed. The results were analysed using SPSS computer statistical program. Results. The number of capillary unites showed significant differences among nodular types, with the largest number of capillaries in hepatocellular carcinoma as well as strong reliance to dedifferentiation. Conclusion. There is a significant correlation of sinusoidal capillarization to dediferentiation of the liver tissue during the course of cirrhosis. From diagnostic view, capillary counting may be helpfull to distinguish dysplastic from nondysplastic nodules. The appearance of dysplastic nodules in nonselected surgical biopsies is frequent enough to challenge caution during the follow-up of cirrhotic patients.

Keywords: liver cirrhosis, carcinoma, hepatocellular, antigens, cd34, diagnosis, cell dedifferentiation

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