Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 2009 Volume 15, Issue 2, Pages: 77-81
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Microtitrimetric determination of a drug content of pharmaceuticals containing olanzapine in non-aqueous medium

Basavaiah Kanakapura, Rajendraprasad Nagaraju, Vinay Basavaiah Kanakapura

Two simple, rapid, reliable and cost-effective methods based on titrimetry in non-aqueous medium are described for the determination of olanzapine in pharmaceuticals. In these methods, the drug dissolved in the glacial acetic acid was titrated with the acetous perchloric acid with visual and potentiometric end point detection, crystal violet being used as the indicator for visual titration. The methods are applicable over 1-15 mg range of olanzapine. The procedures were applied to determine olanzapine in pharmaceutical products and the results were found to be in a good agreement with those obtained by the reference method. Associated pharmaceutical materials did not interfere. The precision results, expressed by inter-day and intra-day relative standard deviation values, were satisfactory, higher than 2%. The accuracy was satisfactory as well. The methods proved to be suitable for the analysis of olanzapine in bulk drug and in tablets. The accuracy and reliability of the methods were further ascertained by recovery studies via a standard addition technique with percent recoveries in the range 97.51-103.7% with a standard deviation of less than 2%.

Keywords: olanzapine, assay, titrimetry, non-aqueous, crystal violet, potentiometry, pharmaceuticals

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