Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2004 Volume , Issue 89, Pages: 155-170
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The proposition of optimal silvicultural-reclamation operations in untended beech stands of mixed origin

Krstić Milun

The state, quality, spontaneous development and silvicultural demands of untended beech stands of mixed origin were studied, the age of trees in the dominant layer is about 75 years. The analysis of stand development through a 17-year period (1986-2003) included the monitoring of the elements of stand structure: Number of trees, basal area, volume, diameter and volume increment, mean stand diameter, structure, mortality and tree removal from the stand, morphological, biological and technical characteristics of trees and biological differentiation of trees. The adequate silvicultural-reclamation measures are proposed based on the identified stand state.

Keywords: beech forests, untended stand, spontaneous development, stand state, silvicultural measures

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