Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 2004 Volume 51, Issue 3, Pages: 73-77
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Neurosurgical treatment of spontaneous intracerebral haematomas

Đurović B., Tasić Goran, Jovanović V., Krunić-Protić R.

There have been 34 patients with spontaneous intracerebral haematomas (ICH) operated, from the 1st January 2002.Yr to the 31st December 2002. Yr., at the Neurosurgical Department of Trauma Centre (Clinical Centre of Serbia). They all were with the serious disturbance of consciousness. none of these patients had angiography, so preoperatively we didn’t know the reason of bleeding. From 34 operated patients, 22 or 64.7% died and 12 or 35.3% survived. There were 14 patients in the deepest state of coma, where preoperatively GCS score was 3 to 5. Only one patient age 25 survived postoperatively. Other survivors have less disturbed state of consciousness, CT findings without intraventricular bleeding and were also in younger age group.

Keywords: spontaneous intracerebral haematoma(ICH), Glasgow Coma Score (GCS), neurological status, CT findings

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