Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU 2009 Volume 57, Issue 1, Pages: 189-200
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General principles of researching the lexicon of traditional material culture

Nedeljkov Ljiljana

The paper discusses a linguistic research of terminological systems connected with basic fields of human life and work which, in modern conditions, are either transformed into contemporary modern forms or gradually disappear due to changes in the way of life and work. The lexicon of material culture of native inhabitants of Vojvodina is examined, resulting in monographs on the terminologies of fishing, cartwrighting, shepherding and houses and furniture, all of which have in common the fact that the starting point was the research of the lexicon in question by semantic fields. The paper shows the lexicological and lexicographical procedures used while researching these terminological systems.

Keywords: linguistics, lexicology, lexical semantics, semantic fields, terminology, lexicography, dialectal linguistics

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