Science of Sintering 2006 Volume 38, Issue 3, Pages: 231-238
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Properties of sintered Al2O3-Cr composites depending on the method of preparation of the powder mixture

Chmielewski M., Pietrzak K., Włosiński W.

Continuous progress in modern science and industry depends on the availability of new effective devices and materials. New generation materials should be characterized by a specified combination of properties which sometimes exclude one another. Al2O3-Cr composites belong to this group of materials. This study is concerned with the effect of the method of preparation of the starting powders upon the properties of sintered Al2O3-Cr composites. The composites were produced using powder mixtures with various volumetric shares of the starting powders (from 25 to 75vol.%). The mixtures were prepared by conventional mechanical mixing in a ball-mill or by mechanical alloying in a high-energy mill of the attritor type. It has been found that with mechanically alloyed powders the Al2O3-Cr composites have better bending strength, hardness and frictional wear resistance.

Keywords: mechanical alloying, sintering, ceramic-metals composites, mechanical properties