Psihologija 2010 Volume 43, Issue 3, Pages: 281-299
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Working women's roles in Slovenia: Conflict or enrichment?

Boštjančič Eva

In the past, men and women had different experiences in balancing their professional and family lives. This is why they see their roles differently today. Our scope of interest in this article is employed women in Slovenia. Working women's various roles today may lead to conflict or enrichment. This study seeks to determine the connection between their multiple roles, life orientation, and life satisfaction. This study was carried out through Internet questionnaires and it surveyed 1,298 working women. Their average age was 35.6 years. A total of 43% of participants at least had a college degree. The results show that working women are the least satisfied with their leisure time and the most satisfied with their maternal role. Women with higher career satisfaction report about higher life satisfaction. Women with multiple roles are more satisfied with their maternal role but less satisfied with their partners and leisure time. They are also more optimistic.

Keywords: women, work, role, life orientation, life satisfaction, Slovenia

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