The impact of the global crisis on transition economies
Nuti Mario D.
Economic Annals, 2009 54(181):7-20
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Economic development in the European super-periphery: Evidence from the Western Balkans
Bartlett Will
Economic Annals, 2009 54(181):21-44
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Dictatorship, liberalism and the Pareto rule: Possible and impossible
Boričić Branislav
Economic Annals, 2009 54(181):45-54
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The structural characteristics of world trade and the merchandise exports of Serbia
Kovačević Radovan
Economic Annals, 2009 54(181):55-91
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The influence of culture on human resource management processes and practices: The propositions for Serbia
Bogićević-Milikić Biljana
Economic Annals, 2009 54(181):93-118
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