Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2005 Volume 70, Issue 11, Pages: 1283-1290
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Some insights into the reactivity of oxovanadium phosphate: Synthesis and characterization of an VOPO4-H2N(CH2)3NH2 coordination compound

de Farias Robson F., Airoldi Claudio

The lamellar matrix of VOPO4·2H2O was used as the host species to prepare a VOPO4-1,3-diaminopropane coordination compound. The oxovanadium matrix and the synthesized hybrid were characterized by elemental analysis, infared spectroscopy, thermogravimetry, X-ray diffractometry and SEM microscopy. The elemental analysis results, as well as the X-ray diffraction patterns and quantum chemical calculations, strongly suggest that the synthesized matrix is an equimolar (1:1) mixture of two compounds with the formulas VOPO4·[H 2N-(CH2)3-NH2] and VOPO4·[H2N-(CH2)3-NH2]0.5. The SEM micrographs obtained for the VOPO4- diaminopropane hybrid matrix show that the microstructure of VOPO4·2H2O is changed after reaction, with an overall exfoliation of the oxovanadium matrix.

Keywords: intercalation compounds, vanadium phosphate, nanostructure

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