Facta universitatis - series: Electronics and Energetics 2003 Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages: 127-135
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Adaptive equalizer with zero-noise constrained LMS algorithm

Krstajić Božo, Uskoković Zdravko, Stanković Ljubiša

This paper introduces a type of zero-noise constrained LMS (ZN-CLMS) algorithm in an adaptive equalizer. It is a particular case of mismatched noise constrained LMS (NCLMS) algorithm. It is also a variant of variable step-size LMS algorithm, where the step-size rule arises naturally from the constraints. We will show here that the adaptive equalizer based on the ZN-CLMS algorithm has favorable performance. Computer simulation results are provided to support the proposed implementation of the ZNCLMS.

Keywords: Adaptive Equalizer, LMS adaptive algorithm, zero noise-constrained LMS

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