Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2010 Volume 90, Issue 4, Pages: 9-27
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Seasonal variability of Crvena river water mineralization

Manojlović Predrag, Nikolić Milena, Mustafić Sanja, Luković Jelena

The mineralization of water and its content in Crvena River so far have not been studied. Water sampling was conducted from April 2008 - May 2009. Total mineralization is relatively low, which is consistent with the dominant lithological structure (Permian red sandstone). Dry residue contains Ca2+ ion, with the increased participation of SiO2. During the observational period it is clearly expressed seasonal effect. It is reflected not in the direct but the indirect impact. Based on the ratio of individual ions a model is determined for estimation of water flow at the confluence of the Crvena River in Nisava River. It could be applied to other drainage basins that have not been studied so far.

Keywords: dissolved minerals, seasonality, partial pressure of CO2, conductivity, SIC, hardness, specific runoff, Crvena River, Serbia.