Science of Sintering 2007 Volume 39, Issue 2, Pages: 127-132
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Reaction sintering of the 2ZnO-TiO2 system

Obradović N., Labus N., Srećković T., Stevanović S.

Sintering kinetics of the mechanically activated ZnO-TiO2 system was studied. Mixtures of ZnO and TiO2 powders were mechanically activated using a high-energy ball mill for different time intervals from 0 to 300 minutes. Formal phenomenological analyses were performed in order to describe the specimen’s behavior during isothermal sintering at 1100oC. Non-isothermal sintering was investigated by dilatometer measurements up to 1100oC with a constant heating rate. The Dorn method was applied in order to give information on the activation energy. .

Keywords: sintering kinetics, Mechanical activation, ZnO-TiO2 system

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