Glasnik Sumarskog fakulteta 2006 Volume , Issue 94, Pages: 93-100
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Phenotypic, ITS phylogenetic and pathogenic analyses of Pyllosticta Multicorniculata associated with needle blight symptoms of balsam fir in Canada

Vujanović Vladimir

Phyllosticta multicorniculata Bissett & Palm causes needle blight on Abies balsamea (L) Mill. in eastern Canada. The disease symptoms are similar to those provoked by Phyllosticta abietis Bissett & Palm on Abies grandis Lindl. in the U.S.A. Preliminary study based on rDNA ITS sequence data analysis, revealed that P. multicorniculata formed distinct but closely-related clade with other sister mitosporic Phyllosticta and teleomorphic Guignardia and Botryosphaeria taxa. However, the phylogenetic position of the fungus is still doubtful which demand further and more advanced molecular investigation. This is the first report of a microconidial stage in P. multicorniculata and, for the first time, description of the developing mucilaginous appendages in macroconidia. This study contributes in disease diagnostics and gives new information on distribution of the disease in Canada.

Keywords: Phyllosticta multicorniculata, Balsam fir, needle blight

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