Hemijska industrija 2004 Volume 58, Issue 9, Pages: 409-412
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The effect of hydrodistillation technique on the yield and composition of essential oil from the seed of petroselinum crispum (mill.) Nym. Ex. A.W. Hill

Stanković Mihajlo Z., Nikolić Nada Č., Stanojević Ljiljana, Cakić Milorad D.

The essential oil was isolated from the seed of Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. ex. A.W. Hill by using different techniques of Clevenger-type hydrodistillation. The highest yield of oil, after five consecutive hydrodistillation runs (3.9 mL/100 g of plant material), was obtained by the technique in which water from the still flask was separated by filtration and used together with fresh water for immersing the plant material in a subsequent distillation. Regardless of the technique used, the oil contained different amounts of α-pinene, ß-p/nene, limonene, 2,3,4,5-tetramethoxy-1-allylbenzene, apiole and 1,2-benzenedicarbonic acid.

Keywords: petroselinum crispum, apiaceae, parsley seed, essential oil, hydro distillation

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