TY - JOUR TI - The Kotor (Cattaro) Minor council and the Saint Trinity church AU - Sindik Dušan I. JN - Zbornik radova Vizantoloskog instituta PY - 2004 IS - 41 SP - 271 EP - 277 PT- Article AB- The location called Trinity is situated nearby Kotor (Cattaro), and was most probably named after the Saint Trinity Church, built at the same place. The church does not exist any more. Several documents regarding that church have been kept. One of them, written in September 1476, is subject of analysis of this contribution. As it happened, instead of a priest died in May of the same year, the church was taken care by the Minor Council upon the suggestion of the city of Kotor. The election of the same priest was performed in the Minor Council, upon suggestion of the two electors, by secret voting of all members of the Council. It seems the document to be the only one from the Archive of Kotor (today kept in the State Archive of Zadar), in which has been described the voting in the Minor Council, with presences of the two members of Council, who had voted with the golden balls (balotta aurea electionis). As it is possible to see from this case, as well as from the other documents kept in the city archives along the eastern Adriatic Coast, their role was to suggest personalities for important city duties. It is also possible to see from the document that the Minor Council of the Kotor Municipality had separated a book in which the records for the sessions or at least decisions of the Council was registered. The second interesting thing in this document is the name of the deceased priest. His name was don Matej Ćurilica, which should be understood as a nickname, given because of that he had probably served upon the Roman ritual, but in Slavic language, from the books written in Cyrillic or Glagolitic alphabet. The first name for the Glagolitic alphabet was kjurilica. There are strong reasons for presumptions that still in the first half of the 12th century the Glagolitic alphabet was in use in the regions southeast from Dubrovnik.