Journal of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy 2006 Volume 42, Issue 1, Pages: 93-101
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Mineralogical and structural research of SEN and deposits with the purpose of determining the cause of the deposit formation

Dević S.

The work is based on the results of the experiment, which involved observing and examining the behavior of 167 SEN (Submerge Entry Nozzle) during the continuous steel casting. The results of such research of the wall of SEN and the contact zone in the inner side of SEN, distinctly point out the background of the aluminum built as corundum and calcium aluminate deposited in the deposit of SEN. The work has proved that with the formation of corundum and Hibonite - 5H deposit in certain number of SEN, the crucial part was played by the secondary oxidation of steel with slightly smaller number of SEN, beside the secondary oxidation, as cause of the formation of these two mineral phases, due to the reactions which take place in the material itself.

Keywords: mineralogy, deposit, SEN, thickness, formation, casting

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