Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2011 Volume 91, Issue 2, Pages: 71-82
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Analysis of the daily minimum temperatures for Belgrade and Niš

Knežević Suzana, Tošić Ivana, Unkašević Miroslava

The present work is an analysis of the daily minimum temperatures during the period 1949-2009 in Belgrade and Niš using the climate indice TN10p, i.e. a number of days per year with the minimum temperature less than the 10th percentile (cold nights). A positive trend of the absolute minimum temperatures is found in Belgrade and Niš. It is calculated that the TN10p, i.e. number of cold nights decreases. A greater decrease of number of cold nights is recorded in Belgrade than one in Niš. The greatest decrease is observed on the annual basis, while smaller decrease is observed in autumn.

Keywords: minimum temperatures, climate indice TN10p, trend, season