Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection 2005 Volume 20, Issue 2, Pages: 45-60
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Study of corrosion of aluminum alloys of nuclear purity in ordinary water: Part two

Pešić Milan P., Maksin Tatjana N., Jordanov Gabrijela, Dobrijević Rajko, Iđaković Zoja E.

Since 2002, the effects of corrosion on aluminum alloys of nuclear purity in ordinary water of the spent fuel storage pool of the RA re search reactor at VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences have been examined in the frame work of the International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Project "Corrosion of Research Reactor Aluminum Clad Spent Fuel in Water". Coupons were ex posed to the pool water for a period of six months to six years. The second part of this study comprises extensive results obtained by detailed visual and microscopic examinations of the surfaces of the coupons and represents an integral part of the first report on the topic, previously presented in this journal.

Keywords: corrosion, aluminum alloy, SAV-1 alloy, fuel cladding, RA research reactor, ordinary water

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