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Title:Hemijska industrija
Web address:http://www.ache.org.rs/index_sr.html
First published:1947
Frequency:six times a year
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Alternative title:Chemical Industry
Subject:chemical sciences; materials and chemical technologies
Description:Chemical Industry is publishing papers in the field of chemical engineering, chemical technologies and chemistry by authors from the country and abroad. The journal is published bimonthly by the Association of Chemical Engineers (a member of EFCE - European Federation of Chemical Engineering). In addition to professional articles of importance to industry, scientific research papers are published, not only from our country but from all over the world. It also contains topics such as business news, science and technology news, information on new apparatus and equipment, and articles on environmental protection. A special issue of the Journal of Plastic and Rubber is also published.
Publisher:Association of the Chemical Engineers of Serbia
Publisher address:Kneza Miloša 9/I, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Impact factor:0.437 (2015)
0.364 (2014)
0.562 (2013)
0.463 (2012)
0.205 (2011)
0.137 (2010)
0.117 (2009)
Editor in chief:Prof. dr Bojana Obradović, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade, Serbia
Editorial board:dr Nevenka Bošković-Vragolović, Faculty of Technology, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Dušan Mijin , Faculty of Technology, Belgrade, Serbia
dr Maja Obradović, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Mettalurgy, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Ivana Banković-Ilić, Faculty of Technology, Leskovac, Serbia
Prof. Katarina Jeremić, Faculty of Technology, Belgrade, Serbia
Milorad Cakić, Leskovac, Serbia
Željko Čupić, Belgrade, Serbia
Željko Grbavčić, Belgrade, Serbia
Miodrag Lazić, Leskovac, Serbia
Slobodan Petrović, Belgrade, Serbia
Milovan Purenović, Niš, Serbia
Dragoslav Stoiljković, Novi Sad, Serbia
Aleksandar Spasić, Belgrade, Serbia
Radmila Šećerov-Sokolović, Novi Sad, Serbia
Slobodan Šerbanović, Belgrade, Serbia
Dragomir Bukur, USA
Jiří Hanika, Czech Republic
Valerii Meshalkin, Russia
Ljubiša Radović, USA
Constantinos Vayenas, Greece