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Medicinski pregled 2008 Volume 61, Issue 3-4, Pages: 151-155
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Review of identified factors influencing contraceptive use

Bjelica Artur, Trninić-Pjević Aleksandra

Introduction It is necessary to know the factors that influence contraceptive behavior in order to overcome obstacles of contraceptive use by implementing modern family planning programs that have to be based on logistic management and directed to the client. The factor isolated till now are systematized into the two groups: the socio-demographic factors - to a greater extent associated with developing countries and the psychological factors -mainly related to developed countries. Socio-demographic f actors of the contraceptive use The most significant socio-demographic determinants of contraceptive behavior appear to be the age, women's educational level but even the educational level of the husband/partner, occupation, environment (urban/rural), some cultural factors, and high price of contraceptives. Psychological variables as a factor of contraceptive (non)use In the group of psychological variables that influence contraceptive use it is possible to distinguish: the presence of illusion of fertility control, locus of control, level of Ego maturity, femininity and masculinity, i.e. the accepted gender roles, level of self-acceptance. The majority of the factors show that the presence of personal initiative and assertiveness are associated with higher level of contraception use.

Keywords: Contraception, Contraception Behavior, Socioeconomic factors, Psychology

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