Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2004 Volume 69, Issue 1, Pages: 59-67
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Synthesis of "in situ" reinforced silicon nitride composites

Vučković Aleksandra B., Bošković Snežana B., Živković Ljiljana M.

The objective of this work was to investigate the effect of two different sintering additives (CeO2 and Y2O3 + Al2O3), sintering time and amount of β-Si3N4 seeds on the densification, mechanical properties and microstructure of self-reinforced Si3N4 based composites obtained by pressureless sintering. Preparation of β-Si3N4 seeds, also obtained by a pressureless sintering procedure, is described. Samples without seeds were prepared for comparison. The results imply that self-reinforced silicon nitride based composites with densities close to the theoretical values and with fracture toughness of 9.3MPa m1/2 can be obtained using a presureless sintering procedure.

Keywords: β-Si3N4 seeds, additive, pressureless sintering, self-reinforced composites, densification, fracture toughness

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