Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo 2007 Volume 135, Issue 5-6, Pages: 339-341
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Erythromycin in therapy of cyclic vomiting syndrome

Pavlović Momčilo, Radlović Nedeljko, Leković Zoran, Berenji Karolina

Cyclic vomiting syndrome is an insufficiently understood disorder which manifests itself in stereotypical episodes of vomiting with no detectable organic cause. Considering its unknown aetiology, drugs borrowed from various medication classes are applied in the therapy of this disorder, with variable success. Among other medicaments, erythromycin is also used in treatment of cyclic vomiting syndrome. This is a case study in which the application of erythromycin led to the prevention of attacks of cyclic vomiting syndrome. Our case report presents how periodical erythromycin therapy in two-week intervals at expected attack periods in a girl led to disappearance of cyclic vomiting. Adverse effects of erythromycin did not show up.

Keywords: cyclic vomiting syndrome, erythromycin

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